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Hiring and Selection Success!

Why do nearly 50% of new hires fail? Because they are most often selected based on their technical skills or knowledge, and research shows the reality is that they fail because of poor “fit” within the organization. In Human Resource Consulting, we encounter many HR Managers who are sometimes puzzled because of the turnover rate of their employee base.

How do we increase our hiring success rate? One method is to use competency analysis in addition to structured interviews and any cognitive testing you may be doing. Competency analysis will allow you to add in the organizational fit and research shows this will increase your hiring selection and retention by a large margin.

Competency modelling is achieved by taking the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other factors, (KSAO's) and mapping them to the behavioural characteristics required in the position. While competency modelling is often performed for Senior hires, this strategy can really pay off at all levels. Sounds complicated, not really. ...Dr. Huck...

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