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Coaching the Top Level Executive

Top level executives are typically well educated, highly motivated and likely keenly aware that leadership skills are critical for their success. There are several aspects of top level Executive leadership that are challenging:

  1. It can be lonely at the top!

  2. Executives often feel that they must have all the answers and cannot effectively discuss critical issues with their staff managers and team members.

  3. Leadership Coaching for the Executive provides an avenue to examine critical issues through a confidential and interactive process.

Top executives may believe that they are "too busy" to take time to seek opportunities to hone their leadership skills. In reality, the coaching process will "find time" - efficient time management is an essential leadership skill.Transitioning to a new role as leader can be uncomfortable and getting off the right start is critical to future success. Demonstrating thoughtful leadership from "the word go" following a promotion is important to ultimate success and streamlines the process - saving time, grief and money. A Certified and qualified Executive Coach understands the issues C-level executives are faced with. It is important that the coach truly understand how to bring about the clarity the manager/executive is seeking in a timely and efficient manner. Understanding how YOUR personal leadership style and how YOUR goals and challenges will be met through the coaching experience is vital. The Executive Coaching process is specifically designed to address the multitude of Human Resource and Human Capital issues in your organization and workplace. Contact SigmaGroup to find out how Leadership Skills and Executive Coaching will help your organization be the best it can be! ...Dr. Huck...

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