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The True Value of Human Resource Professionals

The true value of Human Resource (HR) professionals is coming to fruition. Organizational leaders are realizing that I/O Psychologists and HR Professionals can really predict solid hires who will be happy in their role in the organization. This job satisfaction leads to engagement, which leads to retention; all three of these are very desirable components for an organization. Why? Because this leads to a competitive advantage for the organization. If that is not a big enough incentive, how about a workplace relatively free of stress, conflict, turnover, absenteeism and other costly adverse conditions. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), one of the largest global HR management societies, published a report recently that claims the top challenges in HR management.

Adapted from the Society for Human Resource Management. (2012). SHRM research spotlight: Challenges facing HR over the next 10 years.

All of these issues surround the succession of the Baby Boomer generation and the tight market for skilled and key personnel. Employee retention is much easier to accomplish if the employees are happy to begin with and very difficult if there is any distrust or negativity in the workplace.

What can you do as an organization?

The greatest watchword for organizations today is “…invest…” Invest in your leadership and key employees, because if you don’t, other organizations will. Implement strategies that show you value your leaders and you are much more likely to retain them. Build leadership capacity and invest in your key employees especially with a view to keeping the leadership pipeline full. This investment has a trickle-down effect that promotes workplace health and builds higher morale. …Dr, Huck...

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