Leadership Development Using the Executive Coaching Model


Choosing the right Executive or Leadership Coach 


Choosing a coach is a very personal decision and certainly not one to be taken lightly. Firstly, your Executive Coach must be properly certified in modern, up-to-date coaching methods and have the field experience to back that up. Coaching has been largely unregulated, so knowing about the credentials of your coach is very important. A great coach will take you to places that you did not believe possible. Your realization that you can expand your leadership skills are within you, and your coach uses appropriate and specific, measurable techniques to assist you to find new ways to define and reach that untapped potential, for you and your team.  


Experience and Qualifications Count.


Having a PhD [Org. Psych.] and a Master's Degree in Leadership, David is both highly qualified and considerably experienced. David has over 3,000 paid hours as a university certified Executive Coach. David develops High Potentials, both Leaders and Executives as well as Management Teams in the corporate, organizational, business and personal realms.

David has held and continues to hold "C" level positions, one the CFO of a U.S. Public Company, one position as a Director of a Canadian Public Company, and has had several CEO posts in both paid and volunteer posts. David is an active volunteer board member and has coached Presidents, Vice Presidents and Middle Managers in top organizations in Canada & in B.C. 

Developing Specific Leadership Competencies

Developing Leaders requires proven techniques and SigmaGroup has developed a Leadership Competency Framework and Development Strategies that will assist your key people to reach their leadership goals quickly and within budget. Find your inherent leadership advantage using SigmaGroup's Competency Coaching process.

David is certified to deliver a variety of leadership assessment tools, including  360’s, NEO-PR-LDR, (Big Five Personality), DiSC personality assessment and the VIA Values framework. David maintains his membership in the American Psychological Association (APA).

Please contact Dr. Huck with your questions at davidh@sigmagroup.net

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Planning for Succession, Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Human Resource (HR) Consulting & Organizational Developement,

all hot-button issues today...


SigmaGroup specializes in Executive & Leadership Coaching for high potential Managers and Executives. Career Care; make that promotion work for you!  Executives and Senior Managers need to stay in front of the pack, dance in the moment, and beat the path to success.  David will promote your strengths in ways you never thought and hone those leadership skills.


SigmaGroup understands well the importance of managing the Human Capital component of your organization. There are many challenges in today's Human Resource (HR) arena. Using the big lens: Succession Planning, Development and Promotional Strategies and Organizational Restructuring. At a more grounded level: Work Team Development, Individual Development for high potentials, mediation and conflict resolution.


SigmaGroup designs and delivers group workshops and seminars for government and private organizations. These workshops are specifically tailored your organizational leadership and human resources needs.

Human Resource (HR) Management &

Organizational Development


The Human Capital in your organization is the most critical asset your company has.  Organizational Development is about enhancing the performance of your organization; your leaders, managers and teams to boost your bottom line and attain your leadership and team building goals.


Ask us how we can support you...

When conflict abounds, when employees are working for a pay cheque and are not understanding the company goals, when absenteeism and employee turnover is high, the core aspects of your Organization are in jeopardy.


To Develop a High Performance Team, you need a High Performance Leader!


High Performance Leaders create an enthusiastic and motivated work group that is sync with the company Vision, Mission and strategic objectives. Successful leaders will be enthusiastic about their impact on these goals.


High Performance Teams work together and have the tools to generate solutions. They attain higher levels of productivity systematically and thoughtfully, and achieve the goals in an efficient and timely manner.


SigmaGroup offers workshops designed for your specific challenges. We get to know the key stake-holders in the company, as there are unique characteristics to each situation. We develop programs specific to each individual or organizational need. Monitoring and follow-up to ensure change happens makes our approach a Strategy for Success!


Our Workshops are  tailored to your company's specific Organizational Needs.


Team Building Workshops that are the foundation of excellence in Human Resources and Leadership.


  • Building Successful Working Groups

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Succession Planning

  • Strategic Planning

  • Workplace Harassment and Bill C14

  • Building Wellness in the Workplace

  • Performance Management

  • Performance Appraisal

  • Building the Vision and Mission

  • Keeping employees accountable

  • Personality and Communication

  • 360 Analysis

  • Employee / Organizational Mediation Processes