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David R. Huck, PhD., [Org. Psych.], M.A., C.E.C.


SigmaGroup was founded in 1993 by David R. Huck, PhD., M.A., C.E.C.

Dr. Huck is passionate about developing high performance organizations. David began his undergrad studies in Organizational Psychology at an early age and continued his education to earn a Doctorate in Organizational Psychology specializing in Emotional Intelligence. This further distinguishes his spectrum of knowledge in Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Human Resource Consulting and Organizational Development.

David was inspired to attain his PhD in Organizational Psychology at Grand Canyon University, and his Master’s degree at Royal Roads University through his curiosity about psychology and the principals of leadership. David wanted to understand what specific factors foster great leadership. What he discovered sparked a fire and ignited a passion in him to want to help others attain their leadership potential. He was intrigued to learn how much Psychology plays a role in leadership development.

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SigmaGroup's Team Members


SigmaGroup chooses its organizational leadership professionals carefully and contracts the best expertise to optimize the task at hand.

This is how we create healthy working environments and high levels of employee engagement. SigmaGroup's award-winning  workplace strategies always include leading edge organizational development techniques. Fortune 500 companies, healthcare organizations, local goverment and aboriginal communities have invested in SigmaGroup's strategies.

Leadership  and Human Capital are your most valuable resource.
Here's how we can support you to reach your Human Resource (HR) goals...

At SigmaGroup we utilize a variety of proven, researched and industry specific methods for developing Strategies for Success in organizations. 


Do you want to improve your bottom line?


We can help you create work teams that are a positive and efficient influence on your companies business model.


Do you want to develop high potential employees into senior positions?


We use vanguard leadership development techniques that are proven to increase leadership and management skills.


Do you want to reduce conflict and absenteeism?


Conflict is a natural product of working groups and professional teams. We can help you harness conflict and disagreements for a positive result.


Best Practices in Human Resource Management


SigmaGroup coaches and human resource consultants are members of the most prestigious Professional Organizations in the field. We are continuously connected to the latest research and our Best Practices are always up to date and on target. 

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